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Our adoption journey to Guatemala

April 20, 2005

The Worst of Times

Yesterday ranks among the most miserable days of my life. I started getting sick just after midnight, and I was still aching after we arrived home at about 1 a.m. I'm sure a looked quite the fright to all who saw me at Hotel Antigua, on the road to Guatemala City, at the airport and on our flight. But I didn't want to stay in Guatemala another day for fear that someone else might get sick, so I just prayed that my stomach problems would run their course by takeoff time.

God answered that prayer with a yes. The driver transporting us from Antigua to Guatemala City had to stop once at a Shell station so I could visit the bano, and I could barely walk through the airport. But by the time we got there, I was able to drink a Gatorade and 7-Up to fight off cramping muscles. It was the first nourishment I had had since dinner and, other than a few pretzels and crackers, all that I would have throughout the day. I also was able to keep down some aspirin to fight body aches, and I lay across three seats at our gate for more than an hour. When I awoke, I felt much better. I took Dramanine before boarding the plane and again near the end of the flight to settle my stomach and help me rest.

I'm still not too hungry today, but I had some of Charlei's great homemade bread (thanks for bringing it to our house) and some cheese. Other than that, I'll be drinking lots of fluids to stay hydrated. The upside is that my lack of appetite now should make it easier for me to get back on the South Beach Diet plan -- except that steak is the last thing I ate before getting sick, so I'll be eating more chicken and ham for a while.

Kimberly thinks my sickness is the result of eating ice cream for dessert Monday. The milk in foreign countries sometimes isn't great for American digestive systems. But I both Dad and I actually caught some kind of stomach virus. My sickness also seems like appropriate punishment for a comment I made at dinner Monday. Kimberly worried about getting sick that night, and I told he were leaving no matter what. So I got sick and had to live by my own mandate. I deserved it.


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