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Our adoption journey to Guatemala

April 16, 2005

Volcanoes in View

Guatemala means "land of eternal spring," but this country has not lived up to its namesake this week. It has been hot, muggy and overcast. That has not only made the trip difficult for my father and more tiring than expected for all us, but it also has meant that we have not been able to see one of Guatemala's natural wonders: the volcanoes. Until today, that is.

We did not see the volcanoes at all from Guatemala City, and I always loved the view of them from the 5th-floor terrace at Princess Reforma. Even in Antigua, which is cooler than Guatemala City, we could only see the bottom half of the towering volcanoes on Thursday and Friday. The tops were covered by haze and clouds.

But we awoke this morning to moderately blue skies and could see five different volcanoes from the B&B in San Pedro. And by the time we arrived at Hotel Antigua, the skies were even clearer. One of the volcanoes is active, and we could see steam pouring from its spout this morning. Pretty cool ... so long as we are far away and the mountain doesn't blow its top.


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