Catie Come Home

Our adoption journey to Guatemala

April 12, 2005

Sibling Love

I wish I could bottle the affection Anthony and Elli have shown for their little sister on this trip and save it for the days when sibling rivalry tends to be a greater force than sibling love. Both Anthony and Elli have been excited about our trip for weeks, and that has been one of our greatest pleasures. Our first two children are the reasons we wanted a third -- and we expect no less of Catie, who already has added to our joy.

The excitement within Bubba and Sister was abundantly apparent when we awoke them at 4 a.m. on Monday for the trip to the airport. Elli in particular is usually a bear when awoken from a deep slumber, but even she did not throw any minor fits about what shoes or clothes to wear or anything else. And Anthony practically bounded down the stairs. He was full of energy all day yesterday until dinner at 9 p.m. Virginia time, and even then he kept himself from falling asleep at the table. He didn't crash until lights out at about 11 p.m.

We also know Anthony was excited because he put yesterday's trip into the category of "best day ever." He regularly says "this is the best day ever" -- but only for special occasions like birthdays, etc. So we know the day was special to him.

We tried to make the day just as special for Elli. We gave her the honor of being the first to hold Catie after she came to the room. She won't remember that, but we can tell her some day and hope it will be as special to both of them as it was to us.

Both of the older kids have dawdled over Catie ever since she joined the family in the flesh as well as in spirit. They love to rub her furry little head, let her clutch their fingers and mimic the "baby talk" we adults use when chatting with Catie. Anthony says over and over again how cute Catie is, and although Elli insisted just a few days ago that she would be my baby again once we got Catie, Elli really hasn't shown much of a jealous bone yet.

While the feel of Catie in my arms makes me nostalgic for the days of Anthony and Elli's infancy and a part of me can't bear the thought of Catie growing one more inch, I still can't wait to watch all three of our children mature together. Lord willing, they will always be close.


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