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Our adoption journey to Guatemala

April 17, 2005

Papaw Update

Dad is feeling a bit better today but still can't eat much, which means he doesn't have much energy to do much. He stayed in the hotel this morning and watched Anthony, Elli and Catie while Mom and Kimberly went shopping and I went on a separate coin hunt.

This afternoon, Dad joined us in shopping for jade and seeing how they make jade at the nearest place that demonstrates the techniques. The best tour is farther down the road, but none of us was really up for the walk by that time. We're all back at the hotel now, and I'm blogging from its Internet cafe for $1 an hour (a pretty typical rate here). We will have dinner at the hotel in an hour or so, after Dad has recuperated a little. I don't think he will eat much, but I've been singing the praises of the ice cream from Hotel Antigua all week (you remember it don't you Stephanie), so he may sample it.

All of us had a big breakfast at the hotel this morning. It was a spectacular buffet, putting to shame all those American hotels/motels/inns that promise breakfast buffets but then provide only stay donuts, tiny boxes of cereal and day-old muffins. We were able to eat fresh fruit, pancakes, black bean paste with goat cheese (a staple with almost every meal in Guatemala and quite tasty), fresh pastries, hashbrowns and even made-to-order omelettes (assuming they understand the order, which the chef didn't until a nice man standing next to me interpreted for me).

Dad just nibbled on rolls and some of the lighter fare. The rest of us ate enough to get us through the day so we only had to pay for one meal in the evening. Kimberly also is feeling a bit ill in the tummy today, so she hasn't eaten much either. But that's par for the course. I'm beginning to think she likes to get sick on vacation, especially in foreign countries. :)))

NOTE TO STEPHANIE: Whatever you want to have for us when we get home is fine. No special requests. We're just glad you're willing to meet us at home so late. Your welcome to stay the night at our house since it will be so late.

NOTE TO CHARLEI: Our loft is yours to use when you need it, though when Mamaw and Papaw are in town we'll have to banish you to the basement. :)))

NOTE TO MARTIN: Stephanie passed along your message. What do you mean the lawn hasn't matured enough yet or it hasn't rained? What kind of an excuse is that not to help a brother in need and mow his yard while he is losing sleep in Guatemala? Still bitter about those Opening Day Orioles tickets, eh? :)))


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