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Our adoption journey to Guatemala

April 12, 2005

More Trinkets

Kimberly and I are always willing to open our wallets when we come to Guatemala. It seems like we find some nifty trinkets we missed on the last visit that we simply must have on the current visit. This time, we are determined not to leave Guatemala with regrets about purchases we wished we had made but didn't. We may never be blessed to travel here again.

We started the shopping this afternoon. Kimberly bought a nice purse, and I bought a Mayan-style shirt. Both were items we regretted not buying on previous trips. I also bought a new clock for my office wall. The clock is set in wood that is carved in the shape of the Guatemalan map. It also features the national bird, the quetzal, and some images of the Mayan era. I love it. And we bought a few inexpensive carved and painted images of birds as ornaments for our Christmas tree.

That's all just from the shop down the street from our hotel, too. We haven't even been to Antigua yet, and the trinkets are even more plentiful there. Guatemalan jade is on the top of Kimberly's list, and Guatemalan coins, if I can find any, are on the top of mine. We filled a suitcase with diapers and formula for Catie on the way down. Hopefully, it will be near empty when we leave and provide enough room for all of the goodies we get.

At church over the weekend, we just had a series of good sermons about contentment and other such topics that are very relevant to families like ours. While I am confident in saying that we would be more than content if we returned from Guatemalan with nothing but our entire family intact, I am also grateful that we have been as blessed as we have. It is wonderful to be able to buy several mementos of our travels here.

P.S. to Rick: They have some really cool pens here, and Catie insisted that I buy a few for Uncle Rick.


  • At 4/14/2005 9:12 PM, Blogger Rick said…

    Dear Catie:

    How did you know that I like pens from Guatemala? If I knew that they had such things I would have been there with you to pick them out.

    Come home soon...

    Love uncle Rick.


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