Catie Come Home

Our adoption journey to Guatemala

April 11, 2005

A Hitch in the Process

Looks like we'll be staying in Guatemala City for a few days. The passport process was not finalized as we had thought last week, so we could not take Catie to the doctor today. That will have to wait until Wednesday, and then we'll go to the embassy on Thursday to finalize everything so we can take Catie home next week.

That will put a crimp in our sight-seeing plans, but the only sight we really came to see is the one we finally have in our arms after a wait that greatly tested our patience. Kimberly said today that it's like she has been in labor for five months. The pangs have been emotional rather than physical, but they have been just as real to her.

The only question I have now is how long it will take before she starts talking about going through it all again. Just as mothers who endure painful labors tend to swear off pregnancy ever again, only to change their minds later, Kimberly has said this will be our last adoption. I'm not as convinced that it will be. Ask her again in two years, and you may get a different answer.


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