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Our adoption journey to Guatemala

April 16, 2005

A Fond Farewell to the B&B

None of us was eager to return to the B&B just outside Antigua last night, but we are glad we did. Anthony made friends with one of the little boys whose family tends the place, even though the two of them spoke different languages.

Anthony just chattered away at Pedro Jr. (We called him that because Kimberly didn't understand him when he shyly spoke his real name and because his father's name is Pedro.) And although his new friend did not say much back to Anthony, we could tell they had fun. I videotaped some of the interaction from a distance with the "night shot" feature of my videocamera. Pedro Jr. sampled some of the American snacks we brought, including chococate and "chewies" (Gummy Bear-style snacks featuring different cartoon characters), but he seemed a bit baffled by them.

The friendship continued in the morning. With Dad sick and check in at Hotel Antigua not until 1 p.m., we had to cancel our plans to tour the coffee and macadamia nut plantations until Monday. That gave the children the whole morning to play.

At one point either last night or this morning, Anthony informed everyone that his new friend in Guatemala knows Billy and Connor, his best friends back home, and he misses them, too. So even though Anthony has had fun here and even said at one point this week that he wants to live here, we know he misses America, too.


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