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Our adoption journey to Guatemala

April 12, 2005

The Church in Guatemala

We had a nice visit with Francisco Ventura Lopez and his wife last night. Brother Ventura is a preacher here in Guatemala. He travels to various churches of Christ in the country, and he reports that the work is growing. As we did five years ago when we first met them, we asked the Venturas what they need to help the churches here. They requested only two things: more Spanish-language songbooks and glass communion cups. They ask very little.

We had hoped that we might be able to worship with the brethren on this trip, but the congregation where Brother Ventura works now is about 20 miles from Guatemala City -- but in the opposite direction from Antigua, which is where we will be on the Lord's Day. We asked about a church in Antigua, and Brother Lopez said there is one in that area, but it also is not close, and the public transportation here is not safe.

We plan to have a Bible study of our own instead. Though that method will be more edifying because only Kimberly understands limited Spanish, once again we are saddened that we will not be able to meet more of our Guatemalan brethren. In the past, we have been too nervous to even consider going to one of the congregations here both because of the transportation issue and because we do not know how people might react to our children -- not so much the Christians but others we might see along the way. But on this trip, we had grown more comfortable with the idea of attending worship at a Guatemalan congregation. Sadly, we will not be able to do so.


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