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Our adoption journey to Guatemala

April 15, 2005

Back to Blogging ... But not for Free

We arrived in Antigua yesterday afternoon, and I'm at an Internet cafe in the town square now. As I remembered from three years ago, there are Internet cafes throughout this place, and it's fairly cheap -- 8 quetzales (a little more than $1) an hour at this one and a little more at another one we checked.

Dad is sitting right next to me and blogging, too. I think he's hooked on blogging now, if only because it means he gets to sit for long stretches. I can certainly appreciate that, as those of you who read my many whiny posts about walking everywhere in Russia last spring can attest!

We're not actually in what is exclusively an Internet cafe; instead, we're sitting at a group of computers along one wall inside a barber shop, and we had to walk through a hallway to get the barber shop. Kinda neat (or maybe not so neat) to be blogging as hair is being trimmed behind us.

The place we're staying at now is a bed and breakfast just outside Antigua. It does have Internet access, but it's not free like it was at Princess Reforma and you have to have your own computer to access it. Not much good for us -- and it would be a pain to have to have the B&B owner drive us into Antigua just to blog. That cuts down on spur-of-the-moment blogging. It's one of many reasons that we've decided to stay there only one more night and then get a room at Hotel Antigua, which has much nicer facilities and will put us just a few blocks from town square.

Mom said just two words when we walked inside the arch to the outdoor common area at Hotel Antigua: "Oh, my." And the price is only $20 more per night, plus we get free breakfast.

We feel a little guilty moving out of the B&B because Mark, the owner who came to get us in Guatemala City, is a nice man and caters to adoptive families. He does a good and admirable work. But we are just looking for something more in terms of accomodations.

Part of the problem is that we're spoiled Americans -- kind of ironic in light of the sermon we heard last weekend on "contentment," which is something none of us are right now -- but Kimberly and I also have a personal attachment to Hotel Antigua. We stayed there two or three nights in 2001 when we adopted Elli, and it reminds us of that time. (We miss you being here with us, Stepanie/George/Dace!). We showed Dad and Mom the place before we decided to move there as of tomorrow, and the hotel's lobby and common area are even nicer now than they were then.

Anthony said while we were at the hotel that he wanted to go back to the B&B instead -- it has a nice yard where he and Elli can kick ball -- but the adults at least are looking forward to being "near the action."


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