Catie Come Home

Our adoption journey to Guatemala

April 05, 2005

Another Hurdle Overcome

We just received word this evening that our attorney in Guatemala has received Catie's birth certificate from civil registry. That means that if all goes as expected over the next several days, we will not have to stay in Guatemala long at all.

That thought is bittersweet to me. As much as I love Guatemala now, I had dreaded the prospect of having to stay there several weeks while the adoption was finalized. It wasn't so much the thought of being there as it was the thought of not being in control, not having any closure to the adoption process. This adoption has been particularly trying on our family, as we have faced delay after delay both in the United States and Guatemala, and the worst part has been the utter sense of helplessness. Many adoptive families have faced circumstances far more trying than ours, but people tend to lose that perspective when any burden, no matter the weight, is on their shoulders. We are no different.

On the other hand, as the time of our departure to Guatemala has grown nearer, I have become excited about the trip. I remember the sense of peace I felt the night in March 2002 when our plane banked right so we could see the lights of Guatemala City on our way to get Elli. I felt like I was going home that night, and now I am eager to go home again -- especially this time because my parents are making the trip, too. I can't wait to show them the hotel where we met Anthony and Elli or the town square where the indigenous people sell their handmade wares in Antigua. So much to do and now, with the paperwork almost finish, so little time to do it.

If all goes well, we might be able to leave within five days after arriving. But that just doesn't seem like enough time to enjoy the trip. If we take the democratic approach to deciding how long we stay, my vote is for at least a week. Although in the back of my mind I keep seeing another little boy running around the house someday, this probably will be our last adoption, and I want the journey to last as long as possible.


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