Catie Come Home

Our adoption journey to Guatemala

April 14, 2005

This will be my last blog from Guatemala City. The temp is already quite warm here and it is 0nly 8:25 a.m. Danny and Kimberly are at the embassy taking care of the final paperwork so we can leave the country with Catie. She is doing much better as far as adjusting to everyone, and likes to play with Anthony and Elli. We will leave this afternoon for Antigua for a few days of vacation. I'm certain there will some blogging done from there.

I plan to write some (at a later date) about my impressions of the country and the people, but I must say they have been very favorable. I wrote a little concerning the server in the breakfast lounge. Today I wanted to say goodbye to him, and tell him we probably would not see him again. He was very kind, shook my hand, gave me a big hug, and said "God bless you". I gave him a big tip, and wished him well. I did put some religious events on my webpage. You may check them at

We will look forward to coming home though. More later, if we can make connection.


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