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Our adoption journey to Guatemala

April 12, 2005

Shopping Day

Grandma and I have been out blowing the boys inheritance today. They don't need it as bad as we do anyway. The day was quite HOT, and I'm not use to that kind of heat yet, not counting the fact that heat is not good for people with MS. In my case neither is cold, so I'm stuck unless I can find a place that stays 70 to 75 the year around. I made a few deals in spite of the fact that the exchange rate still taxes my feeble mind. I have begin to say "just tell me the price in dollars".

Catie has had a much better day. She rode in a Guatemalan sling (that is what I call it) with her daddy, and seemed to like it. She has had a couple of good naps. It would be nice if she decided to sleep through the night.

Well, Elli is sitting on my lab as I type this, and says she is ready for bed. Good night to all.


  • At 4/12/2005 9:27 PM, Blogger Rick said…

    Hi everyone:

    It is very moving to see your love for Catie through the words of your posts. And to see the joy in Anthony and Eli is a joy to us all.

    I am glad that Catie is relaxing some. I am sure she is feeling the love all around her.

    It will be a blessing to see all of you back here with Catie. May God bless you and keep you.

  • At 4/13/2005 8:47 AM, Blogger Steve and Debby said…

    Hello Glovers! Greetings from PC! We are so happy that everything is going so well for your family!

    We have enjoyed reading of your trip and the additon of Catie to your family!

    We look forward to everyone getting home!

    Have a safe trip back. You are missed!

  • At 4/14/2005 2:38 PM, Blogger Mark said…

    Hello everyone,

    We just wanted to say how much we miss you and cannot wait till you are back in the US. We can't wait to see Catie. The kids are excited about their new cousin.

    A quick update on things here. The drywall will be delayed till the first week of May because Rodney is backed up on other jobs. I am going to finish everything hopefully by April 23, and then he will schedule the load for the end of the month. Hopefully, he will not suffer any further delays.

    Niko's first T-Ball game will be April 30th. He is excited. He got his new uniform, and he is so happy to be a Pirate. We are taking him to a 3 hour baseball clinic in Glen Dale with the Washington Wildthings minor league baseball team this Saturday.

    We've all been battling ear/sinus infections. I am on antibiotics now too. Also, the doctor wants me to have another stress test sometime in the next couple of months before I visit my new cardiologist.

    Susan is going to begin helping Denise Neff teach the nursery bible class when the teachers change classes. I'm sure Anya will love having her in class with her.

    Well, I've got to get back to work. Stay safe. We love you all and will see you when you return.


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