Catie Come Home

Our adoption journey to Guatemala

April 19, 2005

Leaving Guatemala

This is Grandpa again. I´m up, but not very at´em. I thought I was feeling better yesterday, and then committed the cardnial sin,¨I ate¨. Grandma says I did not eat much, but both Danny and I had a dish of ice cream, and now Danny is sick too. We are suppose to leave here for the airport at 1 p.m., and are praying Danny is well enough to make the flight. We had planned on our last meal in Guatemala being a good one, but I guess we have found out who the weaker sex is on this trip. None of the female species are sick, so far.

We have all enjoyed the trip despite the sickness. I have spent much more time in a hotel room than I had planned, but still got to see many things of interest, buy a few trinkets, smell the coffee, and if God wills bring home another wonderful granddaughter. Catie seems to be adjusting well now, with just the normal occassional cry when she is ready to eat, needs a diaper change, or wants more attention. Hopefully all will get to see her soon. If she isn´t scared she has a nice little smile.

Pray for our safe trip home.


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