Catie Come Home

Our adoption journey to Guatemala

April 26, 2005


Not only has Catie come home, so has Grandma & Grandpa. We said our farewells yesterday to Danny, Kimberly, Anthony, Elli, Catie, and began our treck to West Virginia. The leaving was a little easier since we knew all of the above mentioned would also be stopping for a visit, in few days, on their way to Ohio to visit Kimberly's parents. Not only was the trip a memorable one for us, but we gained a wonderful new grandchild (Number 12). We have many pictures which will require some organization on our computer, and the making of albums etc. The trip was likely a one-time adventure for us, and a chance to see another country (our first trip out of the US). In many ways it was a tiring trip, but also and enjoyable one. We are thankful to be home after being gone almost three weeks. We found everything at home just as we left it, except for the grass which we immediately began to mow. Everything here is green and the flowers are blooming, a contrast to Guatemala which is quite brown at this time of year. The rainy season has not started there yet.

Thanks to all who have been reading the blog. I Hope it has been informative.

Grandpa Jack