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Our adoption journey to Guatemala

April 19, 2005

Grandpa´s Guatemala Impressions

Following are a few of my impressions of my Guatemala visit. (1) I have found most of the people friendly, even if I cannot speak their language. A smile works everywhere. (2) Poverty exist among wealth. Many people (at least in the cities) dress in as good or better clothes than I, and drive better cars. At the same time you see much poverty, and people living in places worse than we keep our animals in. Poverty among some wealth, and I expect the wealthy are taking advantage of the poor, in many cases. (3) One cannot get a proper impression of everything because of the walls. This is a city (Antigua) of narrow cobblestone streets, with concrete walls on both sides, yet behind those walls may exist beautiful buildings, hotels, restaurants etc. You can´t tell a book by it´s cover is a true statement here. (4) Employees in the hotels where we stayed were exceptionally well dressed in uniforms, and clean with well groomed hair etc. I wondered to myself and others what kind of a wage they received, and was told by a tour guide yesterday that probably $80.00 per month would be average. Even the tour guide told me that most of his money came from tips. Hotel rooms cost as much as in the US, so it makes one wonder where the money is going. (5) Antigua has a lot of tourist, and business people from other countries along with the US. Several corporations have offices and manufacturing plants in Guatemala. Wonder why? (6) I see many simaliarities to big cities in the US. Some good, some bad. (7) I love the little children. (8) It´s a nice place to visit, but I think Í will stick a little closer home. I


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