Catie Come Home

Our adoption journey to Guatemala

April 12, 2005

Grandpa Comments

We arrived in Guatemala yesterday (April 11) at 11:10 A.M. (1:10 P.M. ) Paden City time. The flight went well, which was a blessing for those who don't fly much. After the normal time in getting our luggage, and going through customs, we had a rather long wait for the bus from our hotel. That was probably a good thing because it gave us time to observe some of the dress and traffic of Guatemala. There was a little mix up with some paper work, so we will be staying in Guatemala City until Thursday, before moving on Antigua for some sightseeing. We will hit some of the shops here while waiting.

Grandpa got the priviledge of waiting in the hotel lobby for Catie to arrive. I was about to give up, and was standing on the hotel steps, when two women (one with a baby) came around corner. Naturally, not being able to speak a word of Spanish, I had a little problem finding out if this was the right baby. Finally, one of the ladies produced a sign with Kimberly's name on it, and I was able to lead them to our room. I had not planned on looking at Catie (she was covered with a blanket in spite of the fact it was hot) so Kimberly and Danny could see her first, but when I got to the elevator the foster Mother uncovered her, so I could not resist. I spoke to her and she gave me a big smile. What a joy that was. She is beautiful, with a little hair, and a happy smile, although I admit to being prejudiced. After a little mix up on the elevator, it only went to the fourth floor and we were on the fifth, we found the stairs to completed our journey to the room. Oh, by the way, the elevators really go all the way to the top floor, maintenance was just working on one of them.

I think Danny has already blogged about their side of the meeting, so I will not deal with that on my blog. Needless to say it was a happy time, except for the sadness of the parting of the lady who has raised Catie for five months. I cannot imagine that feeling.Catie has had some trouble adjusting to the new surroundings, and people, but today (12th) she seems to be doing better. I just had the priviledge of walking with her till she went to sleep. Grandma, was having a fun time with her early this morning, when she woke up early, by playing with her while the rest of us slept. I don't know which of us is more excited.

This has been a good trip for us, so far, and we pray it will continue so.Yesterday we took a very quick tour of some of the shops here. I'm having a little trouble figuring out this money thing. The exchange rate is 7.5 to 1, which means 7.5 quetzales is equal to 1 US dollar. I bought a shirt for 72 quetzales, or 10 dollars. Paying 72 of anything for a shirt is a little strange to me.I am blogging this from our hotel, which has a nice Dell computer in their breakfast lounge, for free use of anyone. That's nice!

More later, as I can think of anything to write. Words don't flow out of me like they do Danny, so my blog will probably have some grammar and spelling mistakes, but what can you expect of a redneck Grandpa.

NOTE: This post will now appear on Danny's blog as we have corrected the problem of me being able to post directly to his page. I had posted it earlier as a comment to one of his blogs, and will try to delete that.


  • At 4/14/2005 12:21 PM, Anonymous aurie said…

    Good to hear that all of you are getting it DONE!! This is the first time I've been to this site and the girls and I felt like we were right there with all the trucks and cars and ... chiclets!
    Catie has no idea what in the world is about to happend to her. It's the kind of thing we would expect to happen if our dreams came true! We are very anxious to see the Catiebug and how she will color her new family.
    Hey Antigua sounds great - wow some vacation! Soak it up - the world here is still spinning round and round and round. So enjoy the moments down there. You'll soon be back here spinning with us...
    Kimberly - I would like to get some invitations to your neighbors - when you get a moment just blog me who they are and either the address or house # or location and I'll either mail it or take it by.
    We are patiently waiting ...


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