Catie Come Home

Our adoption journey to Guatemala

April 13, 2005

Another Day in Guatemala

Danny is quite a blogger, but this time I beat him to the computer. Actually, We could not get online, and he went to take a nap. Catie was awake a couple of times last night so that is the parents job to get up with her. Grandparents try to sleep, but since we are all in one room that can become difficult. Finally, I got up at 6 a.m., along with Elli and Anthony and we all played in the bathroom (only place there was a light) with Catie. We all went to breakfast, which is just a short distance from our room, and I finally got Catie to sleep. Grandpa's just have a way with little girls. Big Joke!

As I said, breakfast is just down the hall, in what they call the lounge (not the type you are thinking of). It is quite a good spread, and free. I could stay here all day, but they stop serving at 10 a.m. There is a real nice man (not sure what to call him) who takes care of the lounge, and breakfast. I kept seeing him here in the morning and then again at night, so this morning I asked him if he worked all the time. He speaks some English. He explained to me that he works from 6-10 a.m, then returns and works from 6-10 p.m. I'm not sure I would want those hours, but Danny says a lot of people do the siesta thing in the afternoon.

I'm certain that Danny will have lots to blog when he wakes up and finds the computer is working, so I will not steal his thunder. Take care, everyone. This is Grandpa, signing off from Guatemala.


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